Floating Utopias


NGBK Berlin

Tools for Action, Artúr van Balen, Marco Barotti, Plastique Fantastique, Ant Farm, Eventstructure Research Group, Anna Hoetjes, Franco Mazzucchelli, The Yes Men, Ahmet Ögüt, Tomás Saraceno, Anika Schwarzlose, Graham Stevens, UFO, Huw Wahl

‘Floating Utopias’ presents the broad range of pneumatic media in an exhibition and accompanying interventions in urban space. The project juxtaposes historical and contemporary works and raises questions as to their potential for artistic and activist practices. Until today, inflatable objects serve as tools for aesthetic and political interventions: artists and activists situate their works between surreality and functionality, fiction and fact. Inflatables invite us to be playful and disobedient, they forge communities and prompt participation, generate attention and agency.

Curatorial group
Artúr van Balen, Fabiola Bierhoff, Alexander Dunst, Anna Hoetjes, Jantien Roozenburg, Hannah Zindel

Exbibition design

Agustina Pascotto and Jazmin Lourdes Schenone in collaboration with Jantien Roozenburg


nGbK archive: https://archiv.ngbk.de/en/projekte/floating-utopias/



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